Next CoD should make all perks and weapons available from the start.

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I kind of agree, but i think it should go back to the old way. I prestiged once in CoD 4 and have played every game since staying a 55. I don't like that in order to unlock everything you must get to 10th prestige, it seems like more of a grind than it was originally intended to be. It was originally intended to show wow that person played through the unlock levels 10 times. But now, it has lost its identity. Get rid of the unlock tokens and just auto unlock the stuff, like the old games, and the permanent unlock should be in the same category as extra CaC slots.
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MW's system of unlocks has never been broken so i don't know why Treyarch keep trying to fix it. TC seems to be sort of consumer they're pandering too. Casuals.

Or maybe I just realize how stupid and pointless it is to level up and earn the crap. I've probably excelled at more "hardcore" shooters than you've ever sucked at.

blah -10. Boosting your own ego on the internet.... LOL

Are you really that stupid?
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