To those who use the PDW and MSMC almost exclusively...

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Although I share some of the base sentiments of the OP, eh, whatever. Different people, different tastes.

And smh at "grossly overpowered." They are marginally better than other SMGs at best, and compared to other SMGs of the series they're actually on the worse end of the spectrum.

ImTooSkilledd posted...
True. For whatever damn reason, CoD has a way of making you want to keep playing, even if you're not having fun.

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fatclemenza posted...
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Eh, I understand his point. It makes the game super boring if everyone if running the same 3 weapons. That's why I never really liked BO1. It was just a boring ass game.

The fact that it wasn't rare for 0 people to come up on a Spy Plane probably had something to do with that

I tend to agree with whatever you end up posting, but honestly it was extremely rare for that to happen in my experience, and oddly enough I found it far more common in HQ than any other (core) gametype.

I do agree with the previous point about the weapons though. It was overwhelmingly FAMAS, Galil, AK47, and 74u. I'm pretty sure 99% of all my Uzi, HS10, or Scorpion deaths were from my own gun :(
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From: MegaTape13 | #041
I tend to agree with whatever you end up posting, but honestly it was extremely rare for that to happen in my experience, and oddly enough I found it far more common in HQ than any other (core) gametype.

lol yeah it was as exaggeration of course but I played almost exclusively TDM and it was common for 4 people to have Ghost. I wish I wasn't stubborn and used it too.
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Use Remingon...people cry.
Use PDW/MSMC...people cry.
Use FAL...people cry.
Use AN94...people cry.
Use DSR...people cry.
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I have one MSMC class, but that's only for surviving as long as possible in case a Dragonfire comes in. No point having a FHJ class without a primary, I just get slaughtered. So I use a maybe OP gun (I didn't even care what the damage profile was, I just used it cos it was my lowest level SMG) so I could survive long enough to shoot a DF down. I'm 5/10 of the way through on the Player Controlled Killstreaks challenge.
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Be glad you can enjoy the entire game and not just 1 gun.
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I hereby form a petition to petition 3 arc into making all games hence forward with 1 gun. We want balance and zero variety. We do not like getting killed by a gun we aren't using. We don't like getting killed by a gun we consider to be good or better than average. Also we petition the use of good perks. Everyone should only be allowed 1 perk and it has to be the same. We do not like throwing a grenade and it not kill our enemy.

Seriously the guns are balanced and you can use whatever gun you want. Once you hit level 55 knock yo self out.
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My 30 bucks I spent on this game and I can use what ever gun I want
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I suppose if they haven't nerfed either in the two months after the release, then I don' t know if they will or they are just keeping them strong for the s**ts and giggles. Mostly for the KDs of little kids. And of course, the s**ts and giggles.
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Do you even lift ?

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Pssh, screw KD. And WL, for that matter. I play solo, and when I'm topping the leaderboard in confirms with over 25, it really isn't too much of my fault. SPM though... mine is a hefty 532. I don't care about other stats, which is why they result in them being so low (1.9 KD and 0.4 WL), but I enjoy rushing around with the MSMC, PDW, and my favorite, the 870 MCS. So yes, they might be overpowered, but that doesn't permit you from using them. And all three of those got individual nerfs.