To those who use the PDW and MSMC almost exclusively...

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I am not trying to prove anything to anyone, so who cares which gun I use. Do you have fun when you do terrible? I don't.
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shadowsofdawn posted...
Use Remingon...people cry.
Use PDW/MSMC...people cry.
Use FAL...people cry.
Use AN94...people cry.
Use DSR...people cry.

I actually had someone crying about me using the M27 last night.
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srsgamer87 posted...
Your know this is just a game right?

Sure, they're objectively the most grossly overpowered guns in the game, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to use them.

So it ups your KD by .4, is it really worth it? Are you one of those famous Youtubers or streamers, do you even play League Play?

It's a game, have fun. Run around with Assault Shield and Duel Executioners for a round instead of going tryhard and STILL not getting above 2.0 KD. lol

Or they like the gun and do good with it? You realize some people play games to try and win right? Same concept that I don't purposely send myself to jail in monopoly, I don't like using bad guns on purpose.
(With that said, I use many guns, but posts about "tryhards" are just idiotic in my mind and I had to address it. )
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KabtheMentat posted...
From: fatclemenza | #002
literally saltier than a snowy road about somebody else's weapon choice


Eh, I understand his point. It makes the game super boring if everyone if running the same 3 weapons. That's why I never really liked BO1. It was just a boring ass game.

To you. Like 500,000 people still manage.
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