If you are a decent human being, report players with emblems derogatory to women

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There used to be a time, not long ago, when if someone said something you didn't agree with you would just deal with it because everyone has their own opinions. Now however, everyone complains about MUH ENTITLEMENT, MUH PRIVILEGE. It's stupid and pathetic.

People for some strange reason expect that once they announce to the world that they find something offensive that everyone else around them should stop what they are doing and apologize to the delicate little flower who has issues. Amazingly enough, some people actually do.
Just because you get offended doesn't give you special rights. I thought everyone was taught this when they were kids?

Also the whole sexism in gaming argument, and in general to be honest is totally overblown, and seems to only applies to women despite there being plenty of sexism portrayed against men. The only difference is men tend not to give a crap as it means so little.
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I already do TC
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wild_t posted...
In a way, it's worse than Nazi or swasika emblems. They're referring to a systematic discriminatory regime that existed seventy years ago and is nearly universally villified. Misogyny is alive and doing just well, however, and kids think it's cool to create emblems of overly-sexualized women without thinking of the sexist climate that it creates.

tl;dr people with sexist emblems are literally worse than Hitler.

I know you're just a troll, but some people might actually buy this garbage, so I'll shoot it down.

First, Hitler killed people. That's an actual violation of rights. No amount of mean words or "offensive" images can ever even come close, because they aren't violating someone's human rights.

Second, Hitler vilified the Jews. Making pictures of hot women glorifies them. How are the two the same?

Also, why not just report images that have naked women because they're obnoxious, inappropriate and only used by twelve-year-olds?

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From: thethirdthought | Posted: 1/24/2013 11:28:03 AM | #069
Sexualization of women is not empowerment at all.

Not with that attitude.
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wild_t posted...

Title says it all. Why do you need an emblem showing off some cartoon girl's unrealistic body?

I'm torn at this point. I tend to report all offensive emblems just to troll people because I know it won't do anything, but it gets a reaction. Now you have literally made some of the worst posts I've seen in this topic and I'm thinking about letting these guys pass now. Decisions decisions.
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Well, if they were actually calling women c**** or something, then I'd report them, but if it's just nudity (poorly represented at that) then I can't say I'm too offended, if maybe a little disappointed.
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LesserAngel posted...
Well, if they were actually calling women c**** or something, then I'd report them, but if it's just nudity (poorly represented at that) then I can't say I'm too offended, if maybe a little disappointed.

That's no different than men are pigs. Learn to stop caring.
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Alexanaxela posted...
i like boobs though

Yep, I agree with this duder.

Also, I f**kin' love those emblems because they show the amount of time and effort that these dudes put into these emblems first of all, to make us laugh and secondly, to be an individual.

But most of all, because we all love boobs.
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if you're a decent human being, stop pestering the reasonable with the inconsequential.
it's simple. just be nice.
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"Confirmed for having a fat girl fetish. Hey, what you enjoy is your business, I'm not here to judge. I'm just saying, just because you have a fetish for the men and fat girls in video games, doesnt mean those were the creators' intentions."

Oh, sorry, I was laughing derisively at the utter and inane BS spewing from your mouth hole there. Did you seriously just pull things out of complete nowhere and try and claim something like that?

Confirmed troll.
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