What is your favourite weapon and favourite pokemon?

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3 years ago#21

Saying that Guitar Hero/Rock Band is for noobs who can't play real instruments is like saying Minesweeper is for noobs who can't go to a real minefield.
3 years ago#22

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3 years ago#23
Nriepw posted...
FreshSquilla posted...

not sure, I'm not a 7 year old boy.

Most people grew up with pokemon so they have a favorite from their childhood. Your statement actually leads me to believe you are 7.




I'm 28. I remember it being around when I was in junior high/highschool. To me it just rings out juvenile. But then again, I'm the most immature person I know so I guess I should shut my mouth. Proceed with the pokemon talk gents.
3 years ago#24

They'll remember only our smiles, because that's all they've seen.
3 years ago#25
M8A1 or the M27. I can't decide.

Favorite Pokémon is probably Luxray. There's a couple close ones from earlier generations but Luxray is just so baller.

I'm not sure what this says about me.
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3 years ago#26

3 years ago#27

stop denying the fact
3 years ago#28
any sniper cuz i just quickshot ur mom xDDD

im not 12 anymore lol why would i play pokemon for babies??/

cod4life smokeweedeverday420 add me
3 years ago#29
I don't have a favorite gun but my fav pokemon is Ho-Oh
The bears can smell the menstruation
3 years ago#30
Warmachine and Magicarp
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