Probably going to hit Prestige Master for my 2nd time this weekend

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GRTooCool posted...
You must play a lot. I play every day, for an hour (sometimes two) and I'm at 6th prestige. Even then, I think it's too much.

How much time do you spend on the internet or watching television? I only come here on my phone and don't have cable so I can easily justify 3-5 hours playing any video game.
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gwetmore4523 posted...
I'm about to hit Prestige Master for the second time on 2 different consoles. I've been master prestige on the PS3 for about a month now and I moved over to the XBOX shortly after I hit prestige master. I'm currently Prestige 6 Level 38, I'm hoping to hit 9th Prestige by Monday with this double xp. This will be my first Double XP weekend on the XBOX platform.

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What's your SPM?

400 something. was in the 500s not long ago but I haven't been able to maintain that.