why some people glitch to prestige master (or cheat to get diamond/gold guns)

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1) Do you really expect any sympathy from the Gamefaqs community? Really?
2) It's hard to believe people when they say they were banned for "no reason." There almost always is a reason, maybe it's just one you don't like.
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lol actually thank you treyarch, 4.5 K/D
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Was that a question looking for an answer?

Why do people do it?

There's a 10% chance they'll get caught by Activision.
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AirRawr_ posted...
It never ceases to amaze me how people think stating facts equals trolling

A random person's assumption that another random person cheated = fact?

There's a glitch that people have been reporting for some time now that if you play offline combat training, your stats get messed up somehow.

They should really put up a message of the day telling people to avoid playing combat training.
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^Patch notes. From their list of issues addressed:

"Addressed an exploit where the game allowed access to the Custom Games Settings while believing the game was Public Matchmaking, allowing XP."

^My take on this is that they were resetting people just because they thought they were trying to exploit this glitch. I've seen at least 10+ posters on this board that claimed they got reset and when asked if they had played combat training they said yes.

There was also a topic (either on this board or on the ps3 board) where some guy asked if people wanted to use some glitch to gain xp by essentially boosting against bots. I'd assume he was talking about this glitch.

This topic is proof that one shouldn't ever argue with anyone on gamefaqs as most of the time they're ignorant as f*** and don't have a clue of what they're talking about.
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They only reset cheaters, you know what you did!