Peacekeeper on Downhill gameplay video

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youNmeGirl posted...
GreatKiraLord posted...
Apparently it has high recoil.
Read from IGN article.

Doesn't look like it has high recoil.
Where's this article?
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So hype for grind. Looks great
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GT: DJ Willie Vee
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The guy playing this is obviously tapping the trigger button, hence the appearance of low recoil. Funny how so many people are already getting butthurt about the gun.
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From: NedLos | #026
My guess:

700-ish rpm
40-20 damage

Came in to say roughly this. Damage is more likely to be 40-18 but the fire rate seems right around the 700 rpm mark and it looks like it is 3 shot kill while in short range.
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