Who here is going to have the diamond peacekeeper?

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  3. Who here is going to have the diamond peacekeeper?
2 years ago#1
Thank fully the only diamond guns I have are my SMGs, I've always been an Smg player since MW2. I managed to get Diamond 1week before Christmas

As for I'm just needing to finish S12 to get diamond shotties

But back on topic, I can wait to see my long awaited diamond peacekeeper with that cool Neon blue iron sight
Try to play Call of Duty ONCE without raging, Good luck :)
2 years ago#2
I'll probably never bother going for diamond SMGs. I played around with the MP7 and PDW-57 today and I couldn't handle it. The MP7 wasn't too bad, but the PDW-57 has more recoil than most assault rifles.
2 years ago#3

Pick one.
2 years ago#4
im going to go emerald that ****
2 years ago#5
Shine bright like a diamond
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2 years ago#6
PDW pulls almost straight to the right haha, it's really easy to control after you get used to it.
"Persistence until excellence."
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  3. Who here is going to have the diamond peacekeeper?

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