Looking for advice on how to improve

#1SendenPosted 1/27/2013 4:36:46 AM
Always had a love/hate relationship with the cod series since mw2 however I plan on trying to stick it out on Black Ops 2 in hope that if I can take my game to the next level, I'll probably find it more fun and maybe even start playing it a little bit more competitively.

Anyway, I'm an assault rifle user and refuse to play SMG despite it probably being the best weapon type especially when you consider the maps on this game. 1v1 battles I pretty much always win and probably 1 in 20 games do I come across someone who can beat me in a medium/long range fight.

My problem is that I'm an aggressive player and prefer to push. Seeing as I come from a cs background, when you're good you can be aggressive and 1v2 fights are fairly easy but in this game they can be very tough. I can generally get a good k/d when I concentrate on playing more passively but I just don't find it fun.

My other problem is effectively using the radar, I always forget to check it constantly and it probably costs me. Only other problem I can think of is how to read the spawns on this game.. I constantly kill someone then five seconds later have him come on my blind side and kill me again, this happens way too often.

Anyway, does anyone have any tips for how I could probably improve? I know a lot of youtubers focus on cod, is there any decent channels out there which offer tips to improve?

Thanks for reading!
#2BipBapBamPosted 1/27/2013 4:38:44 AM

sit in corners more
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#3Senden(Topic Creator)Posted 1/27/2013 4:47:40 AM
BipBapBam posted...

sit in corners more

Thanks, now can I get an answer from someone who isn't a stereotypical ADD cod tard? Thank you!
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I doubt any tactics you see on youtube will benefit you, its good for pointers but ultimately your prowess depends on the standard of your competition, noobs will be noobs n all that
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