One thing that's better about COD BO2 than Halo 4.....

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So your saying Black Ops 2 has a shield system than Halo?

If you want to rant about Halo 4. Go to the Halo 4 boards.
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You're an idiot, read the post.
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Hello new user.

Note to new user. If you want to be more taken seriously around GFaqs don't make posts like these.
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My game play does it for me. The only time I care about being taken seriously is at work. This is play. Plus it's a message board.
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You must be really bored to create rubbish topics like this. Play something better.
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So TC a troll then. Gotcha.
Businesses only care about the money
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U mad brah? If you weren't, now you prob are since I used the word "brah".