I feel like a god with the Executioner now.

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It's great after the patch, I drew up a pros/cons list.

-Able to take a Shotgun Secondary without Overkill
-Faster Knife Speed
-Tighter Hip Spread than all Non-KSG Shotguns
-Tactical Knife and/or Dual Wield are both very effective.

-Slightly lower range than other shotguns.
-Smaller Capacity
-Shell by Shell reload unless using fast mags.

Due to this list, I think that you'll have the upper hand over S12/M1216 users due to the tight spread, and will do better in 1v1 fights. However, you'll suffer against groups. I made a class with it recently, and I've been doing well with it:

Executioner w/ Laser Sight
Concussion x2
Fast Hands
Ex. Con and Dexterity

This is a great class for CQB maps (e.g 90% of the maps), and when you run out of ammo, you still have a rather effective Knife-Only build. Plus with the Laser Sight, you've got a tighter Hip Spread than the SMGs and as tight as the KSG with a Laser. It's amazing.
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Will definitely have to try this out later today.
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It still isn't better than any other handgun if you can aim.