We should be able to pick our prestige emblem at max prestige.

#11MoegittoPosted 1/27/2013 11:59:18 AM
I agree, it would be cool to be a Prestige Master but have the emblem of a Prestige 1. Every kill would go something like this:

-This dude has a diamond AN-94 and he's only Prestige 1?
-How the?!? This Prestige 1 guy doesn't have any rank, he HAS to be a hacker.

And the classic:



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scarface_jr posted...
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Or you could just stay at the prestige you like the most.

Have to prestige to unlock everything.

You get something for becoming a prestige master?

Not sure if serious... I'll bite.

You are unable to unlock every single perk/weapon/equipment/score streak in Black Ops 2 simultaneously unless you reach Prestige Master.
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fatclemenza posted...
I would like that. I know skull emblems are every heavy metal-loving teenage kid's dream, but I'd rather have the Commander 5 Stars any day.

B-but I like the final emblems and I like hippie music!
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