Well double xp weekend is winding down, post the following

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4 years ago#11
CatholicPriest7 posted...
Started at prestige master, ended at prestige master.

Got the bloody FHJ to gold though. Now I have every weapon in the game diamond. I hope the DLC adds a camo for have all primaries/secondaries diamond.

and as far as a i remember it was

can't remember the rest and forgot the order after scavenger.
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4 years ago#12
0/1 to 10/55
R- Executive-R
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4 years ago#13
Started at 6th 53

Now im 8th and 29 and still goin!

I unlocked the primary gunfighter wildcard
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4 years ago#14
blackweasel30 posted...
Lilg2631 posted...
blackweasel30 posted...
JVel91 posted...
Damn you grinded.

I was 5th level 20 I'm 5th level 48?

I didn't play as much as I wanted I had work :/

Yeah Im ashamed to say I went full tryhard this weekend. On the brightside I discovered the Chicom and its amazing.

I discovered the Chicom too! I love it. I'm trying to figure out if SF is worth it on this thing. I like it for CQC, and burst for distance shots.

4/55- 5/55

Black Hat

Does SF make it full auto? On mine I do:

Chicom w/ Red dot sight, laser, and fmj
Flak Jacket

Yup. Full auto. Actually makes the RoF slower though. I'm confused on that part.

I use SF and silencer (about to take the silencer off because of the nerf)
Ghost and hard line
Black Hat
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4 years ago#15
Dark_Dash99 posted...
0/1 to 10/55

PSN/Battlelog: tactikz4
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4 years ago#16
9'th 10 to 10'th 40

(In no order)
Flak Jacket
aaand I can't remember what else I got lol
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4 years ago#17
Master to Master


Played like 3 games all weekend
4 years ago#18
I started Prestige 2 Level 47 and am currently Prestige 3 Level 38. I am going to go until I reach 42 and unlock the vsat and then will consider this a successful double xp weekend. I unlocked Ghost, then Flak Jacket, and then Scavenger with my unlocks so far. The vsat will be my next unlock, I've been missing it.
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  3. Well double xp weekend is winding down, post the following

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