C/D: Your kill/death ratio went down during the double XP weekend

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User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#31
Took mine from .94 to .99
Just camped nuke town with TF and AN94 (since they ruined my FAL) in the garages

I got sooo much hate mail

User Info: IDefineSkill

4 years ago#32
D - Went up 0.04 for me.

User Info: chris_

4 years ago#33
C: It went from 1.21 to 1.17... but I gained a bunch of EXP.

User Info: JammyBauer23

4 years ago#34
ArcXenos posted...
The opposite for me.

I didn't play nuketown though. All because it is horrible IMO .

Lol I like NT but yea, its a cluster F.
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User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#35
Stayed about the same. Didn't play much but for every game I did poorly, I did well in the next one.

I was going for a gold Vector so I did the 150/150 for the two camos. Not awful but again, not fun.

I also was using the Iron Sight Ballista. Went positive most game but not by much. The Executioner saved my score a few times in TDM (the mode I played predominately so K/D actually does matter there).
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User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#36
fatclemenza posted...
Nuketown should be like steroids for your K/D unless you're really horrible

Lag does not help.
I had to go 42-7
And a couple more games like that just to get it to go .98 to .99

User Info: EvilZ123456

4 years ago#37
mine went down & then up

2.43 > 2.41

2.41 > 2.45


4 years ago#38
I had me a real nice dubXP weekend. Not just level wise (Currently prestige 9 level 45) but went from a 1.93 to a 1.95 KDR. I know a .02 KDR climb dont sound like much but I was doing several no attachment or no perks challenges on weapons. That and prestiging those weapons as well.
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User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#39
My overall career KDR went up something like .03 or .04. And that was with playing Nuketown exclusively this weekend. My TDM KD stayed about the same. But I actually had fun playing the different game modes on Nuketown. Never saw anything higher than a lodestar or VTOL the whole weekend and previously on domination it seemed that I saw dogs or a swarm or both every other game.
That being said... I wish I had more time to play sometimes, I prestiged twice with double XP in only about four hours of playtime.
Xbox live gamertag: winteragent

User Info: videogames2004

4 years ago#40
Mine dropped a bit. I was really looking to level a bit and so was rushing objectives non-stop. I actually had a really, really good time. Playing the objective doesn't necessarily mean body-tossing, you can still play strategically and get kills.

But yeah, lowered my overall K/D a bit.
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