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4 years ago#1
I am terrible at this game. In bo i was 3 to 1 in this game I cant manage to be 1: 1 I would like to pair up with some one who like to play The point is not to increase my krd just to have some one who can communicate what is happening on the map. Those of you you who wish to tell me how good you are and how terrible i am... just stop now i believe you. You can rape whoever you want have mad skills and are probabaly 12 congrats. On xbox i am upandout8 in advance I apologize for my poor play and foul language.
4 years ago#2
So basically to sum it up, you want people to play with, also call out on mics and not tell you that they are better than them?
I dont mind since i have a .88 kd lol you'll probably hear me cussing at campers if we play dom/ground war or any objective game.
GT: GundamBansheeFA
Still waiting to see if i should buy a season pass or buy each dlc separately.
4 years ago#3
Seems like there is a misunderstanding you can be better than me and tell me that is not a problem I may be ababy but that doesnt make me mad or upset or something. If you are awesome and just want to bs and play with someone I am in. If you think you are gods gift to Cod and want to call announce to everyone you are the greatest with a 1 to 1 kdr then i am lost. Just lloking for some fun people to play with who like to play and take it seriously just not first chile serisouly.
4 years ago#4
I'll join you here in a couple hours if your still on, GT is name.
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