Best Map in Any Call of Duty Ever

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NedLos posted...

Still my top 3, ever since the COD4 beta.

This. Loved those maps
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From: ThreePZero | #007

Get out.

Castle is the best IMO. A lot of WaW maps are up there.

Castle, Cliffside, Asylum, Upheaval, Hangar..
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PickUpTheBones posted...

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Depends on what you want by best.....
CoD 4- Most Fun- Shipment, varied ways to play map- Crash/Ambush/Backlot/ Countdown/ Crossfire and Showdown. Literally almost all of them were different enough that you could succeed with any weapon with map knowledge
WaW- favorite to play is Asylum, Varied style-Outskirts/Seelow/Roundhouse/Castle/ Cliffside/ Airfield all tied,
Mw2-Favorite to play -Rust, varied style- Skidrow/Terminal/Afghan/Wasteland/Highrise/Scrapyard/Terminal
Bo1- No Favorite, varied- Cracked/Havana/ Jungle/ Villa/ WMD
Mw3- Favorite Interchange/Hardhat, varied- Seatown/Resistance/Bootleg/Village
Bo2- Favorite Raid, varied Carrier/Drone/Meltdown/Overflow/Plaza/ Standoff/Turbine/Yemen

Out of my most fun list I still gotta go with Shipment, out of varied play style Crash/ Terminal/ Afghan/ Seatown/ Bootleg all tied
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Every Vanilla BO1 map.
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Shawcross posted...
Firing Range would like a word :)

Easily the best map just in one of the worst cods.

I also like sub base , skid row , jungle and mission.

The maps in the last 2 cods have been the worst I have ever seen except maybe slums. I also think my love of mission might have been down to the lack of good maps.

I wish you could import old maps if you own the game. i might have enjoyed MW3 and BO2 more if I could play on some decent maps.
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TooLateToGoBack posted...
Backlot is the correct answer.

^This. Also, Strike, Crossfire, Village, and Berlin Wall deserve honorable mentions.
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Am I the only one that really liked Grid?
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MegaTape13 posted...
These opinions are also wrong and the more volatile part of me would like to strangle you all.

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Bog or Wasteland