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3 years ago#1
Tablet for Lightning Strike = iPad (apparently a lot of people do this one)
Guardian = Easy Bake Oven
Warthog = Red Tail (cause I had just watched Red Tails before the game was released)
DSR-50 = OSR (One-Shot Rifle) an inside joke. One of my friends thought the D was an O
3 years ago#2
Remmington = lol cannon
M1216 = *slur*maker
Target Finder = *slur*finder
Ballista = Baller rifle
Shock charge = b**** sticks
AGR = R2
Warthog = Farthog
PDW = Wobblesauce
MSMC = That f***ing gun
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3 years ago#3
Kill Streak Tablet= iPad
The Executioner= Pellet Gun
MSMC= that f***ing gun
Death Machine= raspberry machine
HAMR= the zombie gun
AGR= dwarf tank
Guardian= microwave sentry
Shock Charges= lol sticks (I run TacMask)
Target Finder= noob finder
S12= saiga
Assult Shield= portable head-glitch
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3 years ago#4
Randoms= veggies.
3 years ago#5
Warthog = Farthog
MSMC = "That Gun"
Assault Shield = Portable Head-Glitch
Flak Jacket: Survive multiple rockets and grenades exploding by your feet, scratch from a knife to your shin insta-kills you, seems pretty legit.
3 years ago#6
Guardian - Kevin Costner (thanks ELPRESADOR!)
AGR - R2D2
Death Machine - Sasha
RCXD - Mario Kart
Bouncing Betty - Popcorn Dish
Hunter Killer - Paper plane
K9 - Michael Vick killstreak
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3 years ago#7
M1216 = ****stick
S12 = saiga

off-topic story time!!!

playing nuketown today.

remingtons were pissing me off in that game.

pull out my M1216, i proceed to get 2 bloodthirstys and my AGR-VSAT-EMP set-up.

they were mad bro

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3 years ago#8
Lightning Strike = boom Boom.
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3 years ago#9
ICantNameGud posted...

Shock charge = b**** sticks

I lol'd because I completely agree on that name.
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3 years ago#10
My deaths = bull**** mother ****** you camping piece of ****

or god damn lag comp
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