Got my first Hatemail YAY!!(For Black Ops 2) What/how did ya get yours?

#11thelightnessPosted 1/28/2013 8:01:27 PM
I went something like 25-3 on Raid, and these two guys in the other team, in a party, just said in the game winning killcam, "Just go report Batman (my emblem was a sad Batman) for cheating, because there's no way anyone's that can keep killing us like that, and let Treyarch sort out these cheaters. This dude's legit though (referring to a teammate who went 13-13 featured in the final killcam), he killed me a few times."

I really had no idea what he meant by my cheating because while I did kick their ass, the only weird thing I experienced that game was how I kept getting accidental headshots (got 7 or 8, when I usually get roughly 15%). Every time I killed someone I just heard "BATMAN AGAIN? WHAT THE ****!" It was flattering, though.
#12Purely_LuckPosted 1/28/2013 8:03:50 PM
Nuking consecutively in ground war on MW2. "DUDE YOU HACK OMG NOOB REPORTED."
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