Worlds Fastest Double Swarm 6v6 (1:30)

#21TecmoB0Posted 1/30/2013 5:06:38 PM
whenever i see a guy kill someone they didnt see behind someone else because their connection is so good in this game i completely disregard everything about them
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__redxiii__ posted...
videos like this need a disclaimer: I spawn camped a noob team on nuketown demo. *unimpressed*

What did you think the world's fastest double swarm would be? 4v4 league play TDM on turbine? Of course it's nuketown demo, derp.
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Thank you for the positives and the negatives...
I've received so much hate mail on my XBOX Live account because of this video.
Good Times! Thanks! ;)
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holy s*** an xbox 'world record' video :o
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