dont care for the peacekeeper

#1EridKaiserPosted 1/29/2013 6:37:58 PM
I tried it, not a fan. Scar seems better imo.
#2ZOMGIshlzPosted 1/29/2013 6:39:07 PM
You cared enough to make a topic about it.
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#3EridKaiser(Topic Creator)Posted 1/29/2013 6:46:21 PM
Im just saying I saw a bunch of topics about how great it was. Im just not impressed
#4AscoltarePosted 1/29/2013 6:46:59 PM
How are the Scar and Peacekeeper even comparable?
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#5CallMeSeekerPosted 1/29/2013 6:50:09 PM
They both shoot bullets, yo.
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#6Jack_Crow21Posted 1/29/2013 7:05:30 PM
I like the Peacekeeper's irons a lot. It has a clear sight picture, and with the low recoil and long range, it is very versatile. But it doesn't do anything really well; in a game with smallish maps (and baaaaaaad spawns) range just isn't all that useful. I would trade the range for the magazine of the PDW, ROF of the Skorp, or the damage of the Chicom.

I guess the only really positive things I would be able to say about it would be great irons, looks pretty neat in camo.
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