How sweaty do your hands get while playing?

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Holy s***
I thought I was the only one who got sweaty hands. I usually get them when I'm the last one in SND
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NoodleStud posted...
gamester091 posted...
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i never get too tense playing cod
this isn't bf or planet side

With me its not getting tense, its just holding something for a long period of time.

Hell you should see my mouse right now

not for me
i don't really think when i play this game since it's a casual twitch shooter so i just move thoughtlessly. but when im playing bf3 or planet side 2... oh man...

Thats like me when i play Dayz, or just ARMA in general. Stuff can go wrong really fast in ARMA....

arma is awesome X.X
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Bamp 4 votes thx
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flame030191 posted...
I miss back when they made decent Air Flow controllers on PS2... the PS3 and 360 ones just suck.

Hey, flame. Go back to MOH
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