C/D: People who play call of duty have no idea what a bad game is.

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I will say Confirm. My brother only play call of duty and I'll give him gold. I let him play Borderlands 2, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, and Dead Island and of all those he only liked Dead Island. I'm
not saying it's bad, but to say all those titles were bad is just ******* absurd. He won't play anything besides Call of Duty because " it's stupid" lol. Cracks me up.

If anything, Dead Island was the worst out of those games. o.o
So full of bugs and glitches. From what I've heard, they patched most of the good ones though.

I guess that's why he liked it do much, reminds him of Black Ops 2.

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Cod is a mediocre game, but I have fun playing it.
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Ratchet, Jak, and Sly
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