Post your KDR and FAL setup

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3 years ago#11

No FAL. SMR only. :)
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3 years ago#12
mariofan619 posted...

No FAL. SMR only. :)

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3 years ago#13
Overall 1.86
FAL: 2.05
kills somewhere near 1,200
no reset stats
usually run it with a laser sight and nothing else
trigger pull is still inconsistent at times
two c4s and two shock charges in that class
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3 years ago#14
Overall K/D: 1.16
FAL K/D: 1.74
Kills: 464

FAL Suppressor/Stock/FMJ (Primary Gunfighter)
Flak Jacket
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3 years ago#15
Overall: 2.63
FAL: 3.10
Kills 267

FAL: Supressor/Stock/QD OR Laser Sight

I actually prefer the SMR over the FAL.
3 years ago#16
I have no idea on the KDR, but right now my FAL's running Stock, ACOG, and Foregrip. I plan to change it to Suppressor, Select Fire, and Target Finder. Semi-sniper FTW!
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