So Die Rise, anyone have a better strategy to actually survive?

#1ZerohavenPosted 1/30/2013 12:44:21 PM
I care very little for the easter egg, and man I love this map. But I can't get past round 10 solo >.>
Me and my buddies made it to 25 with four players, but solo is another story.
I initially open the door in the spawn and start saving up to buy the stairs and the PDW.
I then backtrack to the spawn room and get into the broken elevator.
You end up in this tunnel with two keys and a key slot.
What is the key slot for?
I then jump across the buildings and wind up in the sweat shop, lol, and turn on the power.
I try doing this every run, in hopes that juggs is in the power room, and if it isn't I go around looking for it before round 5 or 6.

But after that, I dont know what to do. I go around and own for a while, build the Sliquifier, the steam tramp.
But eventually, death hits me hard.

Does anyone have any good stategies? For solo or just two players?

Also, Quick Revive on solo, or Whos Who?
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#2codyallen25Posted 1/30/2013 12:46:47 PM
You get a lot more room on the roof and the MP5 is right there for a gun plus quick access to 4 elevators. I find this place is the best.
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#3jason19192Posted 1/30/2013 12:47:43 PM
The best strategy is to not die :)
#4Zerohaven(Topic Creator)Posted 1/30/2013 12:49:06 PM
codyallen25 posted...
You get a lot more room on the roof and the MP5 is right there for a gun plus quick access to 4 elevators. I find this place is the best.

The roof with the dragon?
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#5ICantNameGudPosted 1/30/2013 12:55:05 PM
So far I've been buying the PuddleWub and then holding out in the corner near the SVU for a few rounds, during round 4-5 I usuay make a break for the bottom floor of the upside-down building to get the AN-94. Usually I'll hold out for another round or 2 at the spot right before you jump over to the building with the power and just get one or two zombies to follow me while I build the sliquifier and turn on the power.

I don't have a solid strat after that yet because I was too tired to get past round 4 last night and I kept not being able to find the 4th weapon piece and dying not paying attentiom, or sliquefying right down an elevator.
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#6momar_1983Posted 1/30/2013 12:56:18 PM
buy the first door at the beginning get either the an-94 or pdw make your way at the bottom of this building jump across to get power go to roof after getting juggernog run circles at either the top with the dragon or jus below where the mp5 is ... crucial to get the bowie knife as well .. this wil enable you get free perks because when you knife the nija like things they drop a max ammo and a perk but make sure you or any other team mate do not shoot them or or will jus end up with max ammo ... rinse and repeat
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#7brandonk42Posted 1/30/2013 1:00:17 PM
There's a room I used playing solo (Round 28) that you can train zombies in very easily. It's a room with the balcony that has two pillars leading up to the balcony. There's a teddy bear on top. It's hard to describe but it's a wide open room. Stay on the bottom though and run a square route around it and your golden. I only died because I was tired so I started playing recklessly running around the rest of the map.

I would get set up with the An-94 PAP'ed before doing this though. I did that and never even came close to running out of ammo because of the "ammo" rounds mixed with just letting the train formed and taking out groups at a time with collateral damage.