What killstreak is scarier? MW2 AC-130, Warthog, Harrier or other?

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I' gonna startin' about fit'na start fin'tn about. Feel me?
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aheroafake posted...
The way the announcer yells about the incoming AC-130 did it for me. So intense.

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BipBapBam posted...

Came to post this.
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I was always the Predator Missile's favorite.
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aheroafake posted...
I am way more effective with the AC-130 than the lodestar. The amount of kills I've gotten with the AC-130 is four times more than with the lodestar.

That could just be the difference in maps. Some maps had huge open spaces that left you helpless against the AC130, but this game has almost no huge open areas.
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known2FAIL posted...
aheroafake posted...
The way the announcer yells about the incoming AC-130 did it for me. So intense.

Same for me. MW2 was the first CoD I owned and really played.. I didn't know much about guns or military... anything... I heard, "ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!!" and I was like.. "WTF is that?"



This omg, this a million times. I always freaked out when I heard that noise. I'd be running around the map trying to find cover freaking out lol
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AC-130 had 3 weapons, not 1. The howitzer, some agl typle thing, and the vulcan. Learning when and how to use each weapon, would left an entire team scrambling for the nearest structure. Oh and Danger Close Pro says hi as well. The loadstar is a great KS (or was), but really has nothing on the Spooky.
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Agreed, with the AC-130 if you knew how to use it well you would be constantly shooting nonstop and would have to wait at most 0.5 seconds after shooting your 3 weapons. Had the best crowd control, since the first weapon (cannon) would land by the time you shot your 4th shot of the second weapon, then you used the chain gun thingy to take care of anyone that is being a lone wolf and by the time you're done shooting the main cannon is ready again.

Easily better than the Lodestar. Which seems more like a MW3 reaper with extra flares.
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Dogs W@W. Nothing else needs to be said.
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how is the nuke not scarier then the ac130? It makes u loose almost instantly.
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