How come all the people that know how to use the FHJ are on the other team?

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I became that guy with the launcher this weekend. After one day of playin I shot down over 100 aircraft. Carepackage carriers, UAVs, CUAV, Stealth choppers, Dragonfires. I was on the same boat as you. I would always be on a team that no one had one. Now it seems Ive been paired up with someone that is doing it to. Lol we were competing to shoot UAVs down, pretty funny.
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My team of players are basically required to use FHJ. If any of my friends decides to use another secondary, I tell them to snap out of it. Anything from a UAV to a Warthog gets shot down in seconds...I only use Anti-Air secondary weapons.

I feel that is inefficient rather than designating 1-2 players to shoot UAVs down. The other 50-60% of the time, your team will have 1 slot that does nothing.

I used to feel that way too, but I dont really use secondary weapons for anything else. I play strictly domination and I havent found a need.

FHJ for anti Air
Smoke Grenades to capture spots
Guns guns and more guns to get kills

Thats it.

..then again, while sometimes I have full teams...MOST nights my "team" consists of me, my brother and his friend so really thats only 3 people. Those games usually lead to us 3 cleaning up the sky while the other random people use their normal secondary weapons. Its so funny though, if me and my friends dont take stuff out people just run out and die OVER AND OVER again...its almost sickening to watch when bad players do this.

Well you could add a 2nd tactical which is generally pretty useful. I see you guys running smoke grenades which means only 1 though. I use scavenger so I never run out of ammo in my primary.

How do you guys coordinate who shoots down the UAV and not waste 2 rockets on it?

We use mic chat the entire time every game so we usually call it based on who has the best view at the time and can get to it the quickest. When it comes to things like Warthogs though, its all hands on deck and all of us will fire up at it until it blows up. Its OK to lose a couple rockets to that thing instead of hearing its ferocious roaring noise as it flies over and wipes out the entire team.

Not saying I disagree 100% with you sure we could designate someone else to use a different setup to compliment the team. We all share the view that people who get shot down by air support over and over are stupid so we have become conditioned to never leave without an FHJ at our sides.
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I'm always the first person to shoot down everything! And I get mad if someone else does!

LOL same here. I want my points. Unless my teammates have fed the enemy a VTOL and im the only one attempting to take it down. -_- then i would appreciate a little assistance.

^This or stay the hell away from me because I'm Cold-Blooded.

Paco: Question for you. If you see a carepackage copter coming, UAV, & CUAV in air and have 2 rockets. What do you shoot down first? ^_^

Ive never even attempted to shoot down carepackage copters. They always seem drop it in time anyways. Always teh UAV CUAV since i never run ghost or hardwired.

Are you serious, man? It's worth 125 points and absolutely useless to the team but that's the definition of free points!

125 points is not more important than destroying the uav and counter. Seriously.
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Ive never even attempted to shoot down carepackage copters. They always seem drop it in time anyways. Always teh UAV CUAV since i never run ghost or hardwired.

Yes, I do live.

Uhhhh to stay relevant...

I rarely run FHJ since it's usually not needed in the parties I'm in. Should I just in case? Yes, I suppose so.

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LOL, when they take out the many many UAVs you put up, that adds to there scorestreak, so you are adding to there streaks.

And again, you are just as much part of the problem if you refuse to take them down yourself. Just keep moaning about it but don't do crap about it, that will solve the issue.

Sooo the 500+ SPM players should take themselves out of the game for 5-10 seconds at a time just to shoot down the UAVs that the 200 SPM players gave up. Makes sense.

Also, please learn the difference between their and there.

Not to take sides here but im around 450-500+ spm in dom and i still take the few seconds to shoot down everything. Although it mainly started because ive never even used an unlock token on ghost, its become second nature to take out air support.

Haha I had to quote you after I checked that. It was too golden an opportunity.
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