A Lodestar's a Lodestar, but the Care Package could be anything!

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So~ many family guy refrences
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You put a Lodestar on your class too? Well, one of us is gonna have to change.

Ugh.. Unzip me.

hey care package, are you pregnant?


"pushes care package down the stairs"
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Don't say doin' ya Care Package. Don't say doin' ya Care Package..

Doin' ya... Lodestar?
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Hurr durr family guy is so funny
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Oh, so you like gettin Lodetars huh?

Then here, have a whole carton of cigarettes!
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dont get it

Family Guy joke.

In one episode Peter and Lois go to this scam place for timeshares and the scam guy lures Peter into taking the Mystery Box over the boat. Peter says that line (although replace Lodestar with boat and care package with mystery box), then ends up with nothing.

Thank you for the explanation
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Doesn't one of the new maps have a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man?

I really hope I can get one cheap due to a shipping error.

When i first played grind, this is exactly what i first thought.

Family guy and their fake commercials...
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best thread on the board
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i've got atleast 500 care packages, dont think i ever managed to get a loadstar (or dogs) from one. a handful of swarms, emps, a bunch of escort drones and vsats but no loadstar
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