People with KDR above 2.0, how did YOU get it.

#41fatclemenzaPosted 1/31/2013 9:24:38 AM
I've been playing CoD since CoD4, so I know what works, what doesn't work, and how to use certain game mechanics to my advantage. I never had lower than a 2.48 in this game, and once I started using Lodestar I got it up to 3.07. Most people who play this game are horrible, so its not hard if you just play with some thought process.
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I don't know why people assume people have to try hard to get a 2.0+, some people are actually good at the game AND rush.

I'm at a 2.04~
-I do tons of suicides in SnD, Hardcore anything just for fun
-Ballistic Knife is my second best weapon, First is Scar, then something like KSG and Vector next in line
-play alone / with friends 40:60
-Used ghost maybe 6games

I don't wanna know what it would be if I dashboard/actually tried haha
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matrix0523 posted...
From: Velociswagger | #036
Andarist posted...
They dash or party with other competent players.

Learn to dropshot

Maybe in every other Call of Duty. Not this one.

It's definitely not as effective in this CoD that's for sure but still wins a fair share of gunfights, especially if you have good connection.
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Keep in mind i'm not worried about my own KDR, Just interested to see others tactics or how they get it.
In a way it lets me learn how the basic player with a high KDR thinks. Like how you'd research someone before fighting them so you know what to expect and how to counter it.

On a side note i'll be getting the Internet in April. By then i hope that this game has some remaining flaws fixed. Also hope that the streaming feature works correctly so i can finally prove to people i'm not hacking as they think.. Haha. Anyone know if it streams your voice too when you're playing?
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FAL+select fire+target finder+stock

is how I got it.
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this game is 20% skill, 30% luck, 50% internet connection -
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OLD_MAN_GAMER posted...
this game is 20% skill, 30% luck, 50% internet connection -

lame excuse i got from kd of 1 to kd of 2 by just changing playstyle.

and yea when you are on a bad connection you have a problem but it only happens when i get in a lobby in another country. locally it works fine.
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OLD_MAN_GAMER posted...
this game is 20% skill, 30% luck, 50% internet connection -

its more like

40% skill
30% teammates/luck
30% internet connection
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Jamani posted...


I don't dash, camp or run in a party and manage a 2.23. It's not the best, but better than the average.
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