What is it that makes you an above average player?

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supercoolisaac posted...

if you throw a frag within like 10 feet of someone they scream -_-

lmao, yeah...
And the reason I dislike vsing a full team of snipers.....


But then again snipers are easy to mess w/ and simply zigzag spaz run at 'em w/ a KSG.
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Pretty much just playing smart xD not rushing in, not camping. Imo camping is to protect an objective.
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MHGALE posted...
xxAnastatiusxx posted...
I only use shotguns

R870 surely makes for a high K/D It's my most used. at around 3000 followed by the other 3 at like 1000 each.

I only use the M12
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I'd say the most important factors are reaction time and accuracy. It doesn't matter how well you know the maps if you have average reaction time and accuracy. My reaction time isn't really that good, but my accuracy is. I take advantage of that by anticipating where enemies will be and eliminating the need for me to react. That's where map knowledge comes in more than anything.

Even with all of that, a bad connection can ruin everything.
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None of these things. Skill is all you need trololol
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