Since everyone has had time to perfect strats, whats your Die Rise To Do List?

#1Wookie_Is_BackPosted 1/31/2013 1:40:23 PM
Solo: Buy QR, build Trample, turn on power, and build Wonder Weapon before Round 2 is over. Jugg before round 3 is over. Save up for the AN and SVU while crawlers give me my other perks. Hit Box after SVU till it moves or I get monkeys. Get AN. PaP. Head to Dojo and stay till I die.

Party: Don't really have one, just get two weapons I like, get Jugg then DT, PaP, go to Dojo and get as many kills as I can before people quit.
#2ICantNameGudPosted 1/31/2013 1:44:38 PM
I'll have to try your method. I hold out until the middle or end of round three, buy the stairs to the PDW, go back up and around and hold out near the SVU til round 6ish. Then I drop down to the AN-94 and buy galvaknuckles along the way, hold out in the upside down building until say round 8 and then go turn the power on.

I think my biggest problem is I have no idea how to get out of the building with the power once I'm there. Do you need the trample-steam? I never build it.
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You have to go to the top of the tower in order to hop into the starting building. You'll be on the floor with the workbench for the Trample
#4MechanicalFalcoPosted 1/31/2013 9:18:43 PM
Step 1) Stay in starting room till round 3. In the dozen or so games ive played a 2x, Instakill, and Ammo powerups all drop before round 3.
Step 2) Open door and buy AN
Step 3) Kill monkies in dojo camping on top of the broken pillar so you cant be blindsided
Step 4) Turn on power and head to the roof buying jug if its there
Step 5) Run circles at roof with an and mp5 until you can buy all perks and packapunch
Step 6) Build trampoline
Step 7) Go back down to dojo with a good 3rd wep
Step 8) Stand onto of the broken pillar and place trampoline in front of you (Its hilarious).
Step 9) Continue to line up trains of headshots and deflecting every so stray zombie with the trampoline until boredom.
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