Msmc is bad

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3 years ago#21
Ryan2588 posted...
falko2821 posted...
Trying to get my smg's gold again(reset stats) and that thing is absolute dirt. The only time is does well is when you run into a group of idiots. And yes, I am quite competent and decent at the fame(2.8 kd, 550 or so spm) when did the msmc become so bad?

Are we playing the same game...? I'm pretty sure that gun is like..S Tier...
3 years ago#22
The MSMC is great; I have no idea what you're talking about.


-one of only two subs with an actual 3 bullet kill range.
-great range
-great accuracy, almost no kick.
-nice, open iron-sights
-good kills per magazine ratio

It's basically a slightly slower, MUCH harder hitting peacekeeper with a bigger magazine.
To dis examartein ouk andros sopho.
3 years ago#23
I must say it does feel different. Did they increase the side to side recoil or something? The recoil feels weird on it. Although I haven't used SMGs for a while now so maybe it's just me.
3 years ago#24
It always seems to me that it aims a little left when you first pull it up
3 years ago#25
If you're complaining that an SMG sucks, you can be 100% sure the problem is you.
All's fair in love and war, kid.
3 years ago#26
lol no

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