Am i shooting SMGs right?

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Thanks for the suggestion,i am high enough to use the Scorpion so i may try that out instead.

On the subject of aiming.If i am running a movement set up with say the Scorpion do i need to ADS around corners and into buildings or just go full throttle and hip fire if i run into enemies only to ADS when i know i am gonna need to?

See, the Laser Sight helps with hip fire. So if you were coming around a corner and someone surprised you, the Laser Sight would help keep your shots centered without aiming. The Skorpian Evo has a fast regular reload and has the fastest firing rate in the class.

Two more noob questions if you would good sir.

With a a low range i assume you would want to keep in close quarters and try to just keep moving through open spaces?Also,how exactly does the laser sight help with hip fire?I assumed it would be better to save the slot and just use the aiming reticle for hip fire,of course that was only my assumption and apparently they are worth while to a lot of people because i see the laser attachment a lot.
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