anyone else feel cod should not be rated M

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3 years ago#1
put the campaign aside because really the only way cod is rated M is because of single player (civilians get shot up or children die)

where as games like cod waw are incredibly gory and MP did not hold back ANY gore that was present in SP.

but to sum it all up simply look at other m rated games then compare them to cod as a whole.

GTA (mass murder of civilians hello!)
BATTLEFIELD 3 (blood, gore, and the f word every 5 seconds in multiplayer)
FALLOUT(you can make people explode into bloody ribbons, a lot of f words)
DEADSPACE (infant babies die alot of bad words)
GEARS OF WAR ( you can cut people in half)

COD (blood everywhere, drugs only in campaign, gore non existent, civilians killed check THE WORD D*** AND H377 and f only in campaign present)
guess call of duty definatly deserves the M ating.

but anyways this is not a hater topic i really want to know what you guys think. ive felt cod never was a m rated game with the exception of MW1 and WAW
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3 years ago#2
any game that involves the killing of other people should probably be rated M.

that's what I've always thought anyways. Blood is irrelevant.
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3 years ago#3
No.. anything that has graphically realistic guns that you use to shoot humans will never be lower than M.
3 years ago#4
Fat lot of good it does. The game is still full of screaming kids!
3 years ago#5
I agree with Andarist and Aether_Lyric.
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3 years ago#6
I stopped paying attention to video game ratings when I turned 17, so meh
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3 years ago#7
yea it should be e for everyone
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3 years ago#8
Games shouldn't be rated at all, and I'm still upset at the MK controversy for causing it.
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3 years ago#9
I really think this game should be rated A(dults) O(nly)
Because it's filled with kids trying to quickscope! >.<
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3 years ago#10
I agree. It's not graphic at all, less so than previous cods.

People like to talk about how games have become more violent, which is simply not true.

I can see this being rated at most a 16.
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  3. anyone else feel cod should not be rated M

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