Anyone want to do the Tranzit Easter Egg today?

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3 years ago#1
Looking for some people to do the Tranzit Easter egg as I still have to do that one
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3 years ago#2
I'm up for it. I don't know the whole procedure by heart (something about finding a pyramid after turning on the power and making a jet engine or something?) but I'm pretty good at following directions.
Carrier of Squirrel Flu
3 years ago#3
Which one you doin? Maxis or richtofen
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3 years ago#5
From: BountyAssassin | #003
Which one you doin? Maxis or richtofen

Maxis looks easier to complete
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3 years ago#6
Taken from Anon330's Zombies FAQ:

The TranZit Easter Egg, and other secrets.

At the moment, there is known to be two ways doing this Easter Egg, there is
the one way of listening to Dr. Maxis that can be heard only when the power on
the map is turned off. This method is shown below. The other way is by
listening to Richtofen while the power is turned on, the only character that
can hear Richtofen is Samuel.
This method follows the first steps in which the
NAV Table has to be built as well as the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 which
Richtofen makes comments of having to be built after the power is turned on.
Your progress in the Easter Egg will save to your profile so if you are playing
online, you will not have to do the Easter Egg steps you have already completed
in fresh games.

Note: The first three steps of the Easter Egg are the same for whichever side
of the Easter Egg you complete.

Step One: Every player must acquire a Turbine which the pieces required to
build the Turbine can be found in the Bus Depot.

Step Two: The Power Station must be accessed by getting off the bus at the
fourth stop and opening the door of a shed where a secret entrance can be found
which the players will drop down and enter the Power Station.

Step Three: There are three parts to make the switch to turn on the power. One
is a circuit panel, another is a zombie arm, and the last is the lever. They
are all scattered in this area, but they should not be too hard to find.
Collect these parts and assemble a power switch at the blueprint. Then, turn on
the power.

Carrier of Squirrel Flu
3 years ago#7
Dr. Maxis:

Step Four: After a while, Dr. Maxis will request the power to be turned off.
This must be done after he finishes his entire speech. All players must then
exit through the area containing the Tombstone Perk.

Step Five: An EMP Grenade must be acquired from the Mystery Box but only one is

Step Six: From the Power Station, the players must travel towards the Farm area
to see the cornfield. In the cornfield will be a tall structure referred to as
the Obelisk, or Pylon. The cornfield is set up as a maze. Once the players make
it trough and reach the foot of the structure, they must place down two
Turbines. Dr. Maxis will start talking as the Pylon charges up.

Step Seven: After about four rounds of defending the turbines, an Electrical
Zombie will approach. The EMP grenade should be used to kill it when it is
underneath the Pylon. The two turbines should now be picked up by two players
and each must be taken to the two green lights that have appeared while the
remaining two stay at the Pylon. The first one will be at the bank in Town and
one near the Diner. The four players should now place each of their Turbines
down where they are and the achievement will be unlocked.

Dr. Richtofen:

Step Four: After turning on the power, the players needs to assemble the
Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Three of these parts can be retrieved before
turning on the power, but the wires cannot be obtained until Dr. Maxis finishes
his speech once the power is on).

Step Five: All 4 players need to obtain EMP Grenades from the Mystery Box.

Step Six: Find a table in the corn maze off of farm. You must survive 4 rounds
while only laying on this table. After the rounds, kill yourself. The voices
will then be heard by all the players after another game is started.

Step Seven: After sufficiently heating up the rock, Richtofen will ask you to
power up the Pylon. The players will then need to stay underneath the Pylon
killing zombies (may require explosive weapons, this needs to be confirmed)
until Richtofen speaks to Samuel again.

Step Eight: After sufficiently filling the pylon, Richtofen will say the pylon
has too much power and it needs to be reduced by a factor of 4. At this point,
all four players should find a different green light, and get a denizen to
create a teleporter at it. All four players must throw their EMP grenades
through the teleporters at the exact same moment. If done correctly, the lights
should glow with a blue electricity and the achievement should now be unlocked.

Please note that almost all of Richtofen's side of the achievement can be done
on round 1 (except for the EMP grenades and zombie slaying under the pylon).
Carrier of Squirrel Flu
3 years ago#8
If you're interested leave your gamertag and I'll add you on Live
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3 years ago#9
Ionizer7 (that's an uppercase "i", not a lowercase "L")
Carrier of Squirrel Flu
3 years ago#10
jondoe781 I'm at my friends house on his console he is interested too
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