Anyone want to do the Tranzit Easter Egg today?

#11awesomespy(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2013 10:15:17 AM
Okay I added both of you
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#12BillyBob1000Posted 2/1/2013 10:18:29 AM
he's playing die rise after they finish I will add u
#13bravesoonerPosted 2/1/2013 10:19:33 AM
if you still need someone i am needing this achievement too, bravesooner1023 is my gamertag
#14F_H_NukemPosted 2/1/2013 10:23:04 AM
Ionizer posted...
Taken from Anon330's Zombies FAQ:

The TranZit Easter Egg, and other secrets.

At the moment, there is known to be two ways doing this Easter Egg, there is
the one way of listening to Dr. Maxis that can be heard only when the power on
the map is turned off. This method is shown below. The other way is by
listening to Richtofen while the power is turned on, the only character that
can hear Richtofen is Samuel.
This method follows the first steps in which the
NAV Table has to be built as well as the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 which
Richtofen makes comments of having to be built after the power is turned on.
Your progress in the Easter Egg will save to your profile so if you are playing
online, you will not have to do the Easter Egg steps you have already completed
in fresh games.

Note: The first three steps of the Easter Egg are the same for whichever side
of the Easter Egg you complete.

Step One: Every player must acquire a Turbine which the pieces required to
build the Turbine can be found in the Bus Depot.

Step Two: The Power Station must be accessed by getting off the bus at the
fourth stop and opening the door of a shed where a secret entrance can be found
which the players will drop down and enter the Power Station.

Step Three: There are three parts to make the switch to turn on the power. One
is a circuit panel, another is a zombie arm, and the last is the lever. They
are all scattered in this area, but they should not be too hard to find.
Collect these parts and assemble a power switch at the blueprint. Then, turn on
the power.


this dude only stole his info from the COD wiki, you know?
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#15Feds950Posted 2/1/2013 10:25:54 AM
I'll join if there are any spots left
GT: shiftycrazyfede
#16BillyBob1000Posted 2/1/2013 10:26:44 AM
I'm ready for whoever wants to do it, already have one other
#17awesomespy(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2013 10:30:49 AM
Sorry mic wasn't working, gonna turn my xbox off and try it again
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#18IonizerPosted 2/1/2013 10:38:03 AM
Sorry, I was called away on an errand on the way to my Xbox. I'm all set now though. Unless I blew my chance, of course.
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#19IonizerPosted 2/1/2013 10:53:20 AM
Guess I missed the bus. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
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#20awesomespy(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2013 10:59:54 AM
Yeah sorry about that, we got 4 people for it
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