you have to go out of your way to not get at least 2 captures in domination

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sometimes someone has to bypass the home flag (omg 50 whole points!) and make a straight beeline for b to try and occupy it before the enemy gets there. I used to do that, but it's pointless because your teammates never give a 8888 about b til after the other team has already captured it
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QualiT posted...
Put on extreme conditioning, lightweight, tact insert, head for B,
plant insert, switch to flak jacket class (just ncase you die),
cap B
defend from afar with a Target finder LMG,
sucessful win.

Until you realize half the enemy is doing the exact same thing.

I never attempt to cap B at the start of a round. Instead, I try to take out the enemy team as they try to cap B, hold them off as they respawn, and let my team cap B.
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I am okay with this topic.
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I never stop for the first A or C captures. I always go straight to B to try and get there before the other team. 50 pts is crap compared to 200 for B. And if you get a team mate or two with you even better. You can cap it quickly and mow down the other team as they approach.

What really pisses me off is when I get to B and random team mates just start camping it just outside of B range not helping speeding up the capture rate. Happens all the time on Grind.
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I always have those 2 caps, and then start to kill, if I see that my team is trying to get B I will help them, but if there is only 1 guy trying to then forget it, I've done it before and most of the time I get killed before getting the capture.
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Just as bad are the guys who watch you sit in B all by yourself and don't come over to cap it with you. Or they're camping 5 steps away and still don't come cap with you.
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I think they should implicate some kind of different score for objective based games, like maybe kills dont count towards your KDR are something to that matter, I don't know, but I bet this would weed out the players who actually are in the objective based games for the objective instead of just the easy kills.
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I'm that idiot who just hauls ass directly to B off the start every round.

Rarely do I get the home flag.
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I bet if you could see capture progress on the flag with line of sight rather than actually being in the flag position that would help.
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