Is the QBB LSW the worst gun in this game?

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The QBB is only a bad gun if you're high as hell on paint fumes or something.

To be fair it takes up like half the screen whether you're aiming or not and that royally blows ass.

I feel like you move slower also. Just golded the LSAT befoee using this one and it is night and day. In EVERY aspect. QBB is plain mush.

Na, your just bad with it. It's actually pretty phenomenal. Have 2.2 kd with it or something that is with all the LMG I use though.
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On these maps QBB is the best LMG. Stock and quickdraw ftw!!

With its rof it seems shots that should b headshots dont register. I have high kd and few hundred kills with it but only 62 headshots.
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