As much as I love it, the C4 should not be in this game.

#41wehomiesPosted 2/1/2013 7:08:15 PM
there are a lot of things that should not be in the game
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I probably dont see the use because i play hardcore 90% of the time. if you have time to toss that c4 at someone then they deserve to die. besides that engineering is such a great perk to have c4 along with the other 3 traps really dont majority of the people.
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Soul_On_Display posted...
Yes, it is strong. But since when is removing everything powerful, good? Honestly, people won't be satisfied until we're all using the same gun, perks, and equipment. The C4 being powerful is just a part of what it is. Remove that, and you remove the reason for its existence.

It's not game breaking, so no need to make the whole game grey with political-correctness. Some things in the game are just better than others. It keeps things from feeling like bad re-skins.

this is how i feel
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POST #37

Got em
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It wouldn't be as powerful if 90% of levels weren't tight corridors that the game funnels you into.
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BipBapBam posted...
All it takes is one death to a C4 around the corner for me to switch to Flak Jacket. I use it exclusively for my lethal and agree it's stupid OP. You have no chance at all to react to it, it's basically a cooked frag. It's only downside is its low range, and with these maps that rarely matters.

The thing is, its range isn't even that low. It's half the max distance of a grenade which is still ****ing far. Like you said, more than adequate on these maps.

Anyone that disagrees that it's OP is just in denial for some reason. With fast hands it's the most noob, easy to use thing in this game.
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It's not overpowered, but it is the best lethal.
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Why are people only whining about it now? Even in BO1 and MW3 C4 was extremely potent.
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nissan skyline posted...
Why are people only whining about it now? Even in BO1 and MW3 C4 was extremely potent.

Wasn't refilled with scavenger.
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I rmember in MW2 when you couldnt throw the C4 5 feet in front of you, after it used to be so much fun in CoD4...