I just got a double swarm on Hydro a few hours ago. Ask me anything.

#41LerthyrPosted 2/1/2013 10:31:36 PM
I'm mad that Kisame didn't answer my question yet.

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If I have a drinking problem how many bottles do I have in each hand?
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God forbid gay marriage.
#44angrybirdsdudePosted 2/2/2013 12:53:27 AM
did G.I. Joe-stada ever creep you out?

you know being old and wanting to come visit you, a teen girl and all that 7o7

(cod related)
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Astro_B0mb posted...
How do you feel about GTA V being pushed back to September?

You just broke my heart.
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How are you so good?
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From: Crack_Fox | #046
How are you so good?

I don't know. How are you so bad? You've been playing CoD for longer than I have and I'm better than you. That's pathetic.


From: angrybirdsdude | #044
did G.I. Joe-stada ever creep you out?

Yes. If I could show you some of the aim logs....

From: Sacred_Asylum | #037
I would first off like to congratulate you on your double swarm.

Now on to more important matters..

For the past 6 months, every time I engage in coitus with my girlfriend, it's usually been from behind. Well, little does she know is that every time near the point of climax, rather than excrete baby making fluids, I just pee in her butt instead. My big question for you is, how should I go about confessing this to her?

What type of question is this?

First off, cease all of this anal nonsense immediately. Second off, next time you start pelvic thrusting with ur GF, you need to make sure you're doing it the American way and you're UNPROTECTED. Make sure that she thinks you're protected, or else it won't be fun.

If she gets pregnant then tell her to delete your number and keep the baby!

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