How can some people function at life when they're so bad at this game?

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They might be bad at this game precisely because they CAN function at life. By that I mean they go to work, or get out and actually do something that can be called experiencing life instead of practicing at CoD and working on their kill ratio. They play video games as recreation instead of taking it as seriously as you obviously do, TC.

I'm not saying games are bad, or playing them when you can go out and do something else is any worse--in fact, I think just the opposite: gaming is my favorite hobby--but I am saying that you're making a big assumption that people who are bad at CoD are bad at life. The only thing being bad at CoD indicates a person is actually bad at with any degree of certainty, is CoD.

But I'm guessing from your extremely loaded question you weren't really wanting a real answer so I guess I should consider myself trolled.

I agree for the most part. However, if they're bad at CoD they're probably bad at one other thing...other FPS games, since CoD is the easiest of all FPS games :P

not necessarily true. Some one could be good at halo, but bad at COD, simply cause they are two different styled games. They may both be FPS games, but different still.
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