*Guide* How to create an awesome Gamertag for CoD: BO2.

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3 years ago#41
Best "gamertag" I ever saw was back in the counter-strike days on PC.

Still my favorite.
If it's true that we learn from our mistakes, then I should be a frickin' genius by now.
3 years ago#42
[YOLO] o FaZedD CaShii3R o
I' gonna startin' about fit'na start fin'tn about. Feel me?
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3 years ago#43
fatclemenza posted...
From: JVel91 | #004
ii lE lM S lBag®

Genius, sir.
"An Incandescent Revelation in a World of Darkened Forms"
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3 years ago#44
I think those wannabe original gamertags like oVintage, zSeduce, vCritical or xSlayer are even worse.
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3 years ago#45
Sticky F*n requested!
3 years ago#46
3 years ago#47
fatclemenza posted...
From: WOT BS | #028
Derwood posted...

thats taken

actually its longer than 15 characters

this response should embarass you
GT: Extract Hz
3 years ago#48
From: WOT BS | #047
this response should embarass you

I'm not embarrassed. Are you?
Advertising signs, they con you into thinking you’re the one
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3 years ago#49
I'm embarrassed for both of you.
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3 years ago#50
I joined a game in mw3 back in the day and the first thing this guy says is. "jrunk1, geez people don't even try to make good gamertags anymore." His name and I'll never forget because of the irony. XxXSepiR0thXxX.... I didn't even have the will to dodo talk back to him.
~~Gamertag + PSN : Jrunk1~
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