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3 years ago#121
Too rushed
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3 years ago#122
Utter Tripe.
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3 years ago#123
ffgameman posted...
Frustrating fun.

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3 years ago#124
Very Overrated
3 years ago#125
Short campaign
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3 years ago#126
Worst yet.
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3 years ago#127
Just divorced.
3 years ago#128
SnowDog80 posted...
Has potential.

Because it does, but three fundamental things need to change before this game is even tolerable.

1- The ****ing lag and connection issues. As many people have already complained about, this game flat out sucks as far as connection goes. Being half a second or more behind other players is utterly inexcusable, and it completely breaks the game for a good number of folks.

2- The spawns. There is no reason whatsoever that the guy I just killed should spawn 10 feet away from me around some obscure wall, along with two of his teammate buddies, and take me down from behind. It frustrated people in MW3, and it's even worse in this game.

3- The lack of enemy footstep sounds. This argument doesn't seem to come up much any more, but part of knowing where your enemy is can come from using your hearing to track him down. No one moaned and complained about footsteps and "soundwhoring" in older FPS, why now? And if, once again, the spawns are going to put three people behind me ten feet away, footstep noise needs to be increased so we can at least know they're coming.

this. Especially 2 and 3!
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