Whenever I use the low killstreaks, I get enough points nearly every time

#1Lord_TenseEyePosted 2/2/2013 2:30:52 PM
for a loadstar. But whenever I put loadstar on, I get killed shortly before it. Even with VSATs up sometimes (hunter killer or lightning strike).

I think when I use the low streaks, the hunter killer (which I use) makes people rage and play worse, hence I do better.

That and it allows me to use more risky tactics which I'd be hesitant to use when using high streaks.
#2KAnE3o1Posted 2/2/2013 2:32:37 PM
Same here -_-
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#3VoodooDogPosted 2/2/2013 3:54:29 PM
Hunter killer is under estimated. I use it right after a lightning strike so I get a multikill in their spawn.
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#4VirtrudianPosted 2/2/2013 4:03:11 PM
Same. I remember when it was a miracle when I got my first and only nuke in MW2. Had the detonator remote in my hand when the match ended. No, I didn't cry. I waited til later that night when my friends all left.
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