Why is the swat amazing?

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  3. Why is the swat amazing?
2 years ago#11
IMHO, it isn't amazing, and sucks ass.
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2 years ago#12
Only god firing mode on it is burst fire, and that depends on wether or not it takes more than two bursts due to lag.
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2 years ago#13
IDK, I don't seem to be having the problems with it that some of you are talking about, even with SF on.
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2 years ago#14
I went 44-4 with it once going full-auto.

Still don't have the gold camo for it yet though -_-
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2 years ago#15
ManTiger posted...
it's awesome until you get into close-med range
and the sad thing about this game is that med-long range sights are almost non existent in almost all maps...i have no idea why they did this

Wih my play style, it's all about stealth and preemptive.
Attachments: reflex sight , suppressor , wildcard: extended damage

Kd ratio is ok with it, it fluctuates between 1.50-2
Though I am starting to really enjoy the peacemaker
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  3. Why is the swat amazing?

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