I got suspended for making a kid cry.

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I don't think there are even any laws that prevent the sale. It's simply a guideline that the gaming industry made themselves & volunteered to abide by to prevent government regulation.

the law might be different in the US but over here in the UK there is a law to stop the sale of video games to underage people, I can imagine its probably similar in the states. they enforce age restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes so why wouldn't they do the same for video games?

Honestly, I thought of Europe & Australia after I posted, I was just too lazy to edit it...I'm not sure how Canada governs.
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I really can't understand why people troll little kids. Does that make you feel superior or cool? It isn't challenging to make a kid cry or to trick him, and if you think it's fun to ruin people's day you probably have a bit of an issue.

Either way, getting suspended over something so minor seems a bit over the top to me, but eh what do you do. Just do what I do and mute the annoying players and move on. Making someone upset beyond owning their team really isn't acceptable IMO.
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Man. You have to be one gigantic a****** to get suspended from a videogame for it. LOL

And here's how it works.

You get reported by someone for "in game chat".

Accumulate enough reports and MS sends someone into your games to "investigate" the alleged a*******ery.

If they find sufficient evidence, mainly you acting like an idiot while they're listening, they boot you.

Point? Treat people like you want to be treated or don't say s***. Rocket Science.
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It was worth it lol

Dude, I made a kid cry. That's not cool.

kids account should be suspended too then for playing a game you have to be 17 to play. If he/his parents followed that law he never would have cried in the first place. Not ur fault

It isn't a law. You don't HAVE to be 17+ to play it. You just have to have your parents permission. Just like with movies, music...even television.

I don't know how old this kid was, and it doesn't really matter. He sounds annoying (Eminem wannabe), but from what the TC stated, it sounds like he just started in on this kid for fun. That's childish...unless the kid was starting something he couldn't finish...in which case, he he had it coming.
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im glad you got banned. i hope more do. there is no reason for anyone to say have the stuff they do while playing this game. your obviously not fighting it because you know you were being "that kid" the mean, evil spirited goater that gets off on hurting others. people cowardly spew hate on this game because they can hide out at home and not face off against the people they talk down too. i wish you were suspended longer.

i wish everytime someone throws out there vile racist/handicapped/gay insults that their address would pop up. people would quit calling each other "ni@@er" if one showed up at your door and put his grip around your worthless skinny cowardly little neck.

go xbox!
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i wish everytime someone throws out there vile racist/handicapped/gay insults that their address would pop up. people would quit calling each other "ni@@er" if one showed up at your door and put his grip around your worthless skinny cowardly little neck.

Wow seriously, you are so much more mature than they are, instead of ignoring their verbal idiocy, you'd rather have their address to take it to a physical level? Yeah, way to be the bigger man. I don't know which is worse these idiot kids that spout off nonsense, or adults like you that take it way too seriously and want to cause physical harm to them. Sad..

Haha, reminds me of the Jay and Silent Bob movie when they get all mad at the people talking about them on the internet.. who cares? This is why I play this game and pretty much any other online game without a headset and in a party..unless i'm playing with friends.
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Stop talking to RANDOMS

Its like you're just asking for trouble
I mute everyone right away cause I will be a jerk if someone is being mean to someone else ect ect
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You did what had to be done to make the world a better place, TC, don't feel bad. Kids NEVER get punished any more, parents are wusses these days. If the kid isn't getting punished, he HAS to know that people will not stand for their bull crap and whining.

I'm quoting another sensible person on this:

"As soon as they took God and whippings out of school, they doomed us all"
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