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Anybody want to play a few games sometime ? (Archived)
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Buried has got to be the easiest Zombie map ever. (Archived)
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Used Blops game value (Archived)
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Am I wrong for assuming Less Quickscoppers & Campers w/ no DLC Map Packs? (Archived)Matrix is poo57/25 5:33AM
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I hate nuketown. (Archived)
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Worth getting the last two DLC Map Packs (Vengeance and Apocalypse? (Archived)Matrix is poo47/24 2:40PM
max possible in SnD is 42-0 (Archived)tryedhard77/24 9:31AM
party up pls? (Archived)tryedhard27/23 8:45PM
BADBearGaming's Domination/Ground War Analysis Guide (Archived)
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Why do you still like this game? (Archived)using_printer97/23 2:27PM
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