Post KD, best/tryhard setup, and why you don't use suppressor in pub

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3 years ago#1
My k/d is 1.72 (I know it's low for gamefaqs standards)
My tryhard setup is

M27 + Silencer/Stock/Reflex
Dexterity or Engineer

ANd why would anyone not use the silencer in pub?
3 years ago#2
<3 TGZ
3 years ago#3
2.57 kdr

FAL with the select fire/stock/rds
Dexterity or Tactical Mask

The reason why I don't use the silencer is because I don't go balls deep with this class and always stay with the team. I personally don't think you really need the silencer all that much unless you're constantly going into the enemy spawn.
3 years ago#4
Made_of_fail posted...

it's just my most consistent gun.
and i feel the most comfortable using the m27.
i know it's not the pdw/msmc/fal/870
3 years ago#5
I don't use a silencer cause I'm always chucking EMP nades everywhere so I figure they can't see me anyway :)
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3 years ago#6

you cant silence da rpgizzle
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04
3 years ago#7
guns are better without it
"Persistence until excellence."
3 years ago#8
i have 2.04 o it's pretty much gamefaqs standards but i do go tryhard quite often

swat + reflex/stock
tactical mask

for guns like the swat, fal, smr, m8a1, I feel like you really need to get your shots on target so i tend to use the reflex and then i never use the silencer on this gun just because im not going balls deep into the enemy spawns. plus, the silencer really hinders this gun's range capabilities.
3 years ago#9
1.96 is my KDR

I have 2 tryhard classes.
I just can't do well with any sort of sights, including the target finder.

1) FAL+select fire/stock/quickdraw

*Quickdraw with dexterity really helps FAL in medium range engagements

2) MSMC + laser/extended mag
Five Seven

'The reason why I never use the silencer is because I feel moe powerful without it.
And for some reason, the FAL or the SMR with the silencer gets me tons of hitmarkers. But then when I take it off, I get those 2-3 shot kills very quickly. I hate the silencer on the FAL or the SMR.
PSN: FunKeeJ
3 years ago#10

-Fast mag

Lightweight + FJ


(Edit x3 >.> )

I tend to not use silencers because I always roll in a party and with the constant supply of VSATs in the air there is no need to be stealthy just go in and kill everybody :D.
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