Any other FPSes out there that are on CoD's level gameplay wise?

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Blacklight Retribution on PC is okay-ish.
BF3 Close Quarters expansion pack is the best COD game of 2012, although limited on maps and gametypes.
Medal of Honor 2010 is ... mediocre to poor, but Warfigthter is top tier. Would have done much better had it not been consumed by Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 releasing weeks after it.

Warfighter is horrible, but I heard Blacklight was good.

What makes Warfighter horrible? Is it the fantastic fireteam system? The generally well balanced classes? The underpowered 'kill streaks' that serve as support rather than domination? The weapons that feel gratifying?

Aiming and movement were cumbersome
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