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User Info: Telvanni_guard

4 years ago#11
"Assault Shield 1
Fast Hands 1
Scavenger 1
Perk 2 Greed 1
Emp x2 2
Concussion x2 2
Tactician 1
Danger Close 1

11 points"

I believe Tactician gives you two slots without having to pick Danger Close.
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User Info: Jrunkone

4 years ago#12
My troll class is 6 perks and a pink knife. Will be diamond soon. I mainly just use others weapons against them. I specifically love people who try and camp in one spot the whole game. I just keep taking them out before they get to there spot.
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User Info: scrilla_o

4 years ago#13
There is no danger close in the class, why would you put danger close in a class with no lethals? Its:

Assult shield 1
Rpg 1
Tacitcian 1
Perk 2 greed 1
Fast hands 1
Scavenger 1
Emp x2 2
Concussion x2 2

Total: 10

I never said danger close I said "that one wild card" I assumed you guys would know it was tactian, why didn't I just put tactian? Because I didn't remember the name at the moment.
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